A little goes a long way….


Discussions have been happening recently about how artisans in the SCA can sometimes be taken for granted. Many can feel that they are being asked to produce immense quantities of goods…with great financial burden, or with insane hours put into the work…for very little in return, if even that.

I can fully understand and appreciate these feelings. As any artisan, I do appreciate recognition for my work. Though I’m a bit more humble, as I don’t always believe my crafts are that up to par…so sometimes I don’t always believe my work is worthy of recognition.

I do, however, make sure that for pieces I’m particularly invested in that I include my contact information WITH the item itself. This way it allows the recipient of the item to reach out to me directly if they need repairs or want to commission a personalized piece. And if I get thanks from that person, all the better.

As to the matter of largesse needing to be costly or time consuming? I prefer not to do that kind of largesse. I like quick and easy and relatively cheap projects…especially ones that can be mass produced. That’s why I started this Pinterest board of SCA largesse ideas. Some are quick, some are cheap, some are neither. But no matter what, I’ve got ideas of things that would make someone’s SCA experience more fun or more medieval.


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