I’m feeling Flemish!



This painting is of a 16th-century Flemish gentleman; artist unknown.

I’m always looking at developing new personas. There’s something about finding new inspiration, and each persona brings a new round of research and ideas.

This painting is just another piece of inspiration to further developing a Flemish persona. I’ve already got a name picked out: Jasper Sleecht.

This particular painting is about a century after what I’ve been researching, but it sets the tone of the stately persona I want to aim for. Now if only I had a head of hair like this fine gentleman….


One thought on “I’m feeling Flemish!

  1. Biff

    The man in the portrait is Hans Hassler, known to friends as “Wooza”. He was an apprentice to his father of the same name, and made harpsichords and virginals in Antwerp in the late 1500’s. Hans Jr. was also a proficient ocarina player, and a plaque commemorating his ability in this regard was placed in 1927 on the spot where his workshop once stood, until it was torn down by a mob of angry accordian players several minutes later. A plaque commemorating the missing plaque still stands on the site. Wooza Hassler died on June 1, 1606, after a long illness. His last words, to his doctor, were, “Sir, I think you’ve bled me enough.”

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