So you want to Judge an Arts and Sciences Competition?


A very wonderfully written article on how to judge an A&S entry. A must-read for every SCAdian!

East Kingdom Gazette

DSCN5652 King’s and Queens Arts & Science Competition 2012 – photo by Lady Ose Silverhair

The following article was written by Lady Ysemay Sterlyling as part of the Gazette’s ongoing “How to…” series.

Judging a competition can often be as difficult as entering. Yet, at a certain point in our artisan development, many of us choose to take the plunge as a judge.  However, few are ever given any guidance or training about judging.   In addition, often the guidelines and standards for judging a competition are nearly nonexistent.  As a judge, you want to do the right thing: make sure your scoring scale is on par with other judges, provide unbiased and honest critique, encourage the artisan to learn and grow, and finally help decide the winner.  Hopefully, this article will help demystify the process and help make the judging experience more pleasant

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