Spiritual Mix



I’ve often been asked what my religious beliefs are. As a former religion minor, my answer is quite muddled.


Let’s start with my family: My dad is an atheist-Baptist. My mom was a non-practicing Lutheran. Religion was not a big thing in our family. Weddings and funerals were typically the extent of what we had for religious exposure. Bible School during the summers, Sunday School during the year, and going through confirmation didn’t come until middle school and high school for me.


Then college happened for me. I was a religion minor. I knew people who weren’t your typical Christian. And the Modern Alternative Religions Society (MARS) started on campus. It was my portal to exploration!

So where does that leave me these days? Spiritual and worldly, with numerous underlying beliefs. Do I act on any of these? Not with any regularity….

I am drawn to Ancient Roman, and Diana seems to be my patroness. I am drawn to angeology, and poor Barakiel seems to be my guardian (which is amusing since he’s the angel of lightning and chance). I appreciate fully the tenets of Wicca and other earth religions, though I’m much more solitary in nature.

I also believe in reincarnation, and view it as a ladder: as we learn life lessons, we move up the rungs…and as we fail to learn, we move back down the rungs. Is the ladder a linear experience? Most likely it’s a giant circle with no true start or end….

So how does this impact my daily life? It doesn’t. I let what will be, be. I have faith in that. I don’t have the need or want to put more time or effort into what will happen. Karma and fate.


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