The results of Caerthe’s Jewelers’ Guild



Last month, the Jewelers’ Guild of Caerthe learned how to do copper enameling. We each made a piece for ourselves, and then several of us in turn made a Keystone medallion for our Barony.

It was then my task to make the cords and chains for the finished medallions.


Here is a close-up of the resulting lucet cords…


And here is a close-up of the double-woven trichinopoly (aka: Vikjng wire weaving)…


Next up is the close-up of the 2-3-2 jewelers’ chain (which if you turned this into a flat-weave would be a modified Japanese 12-2 pattern, using a square weave, rather than a traditional Japanese hexagon weave).

And lastly…below is the close-up of the Byzantine chain.


Delving into box chains…



So I finally figured out how to make box chain…and I ended up making this keyfob. It has given me the idea of possible SCA site or thank you tokens…with potential of largesse.


And with the idea of largesse came this box chain + charm pair of earrings. What cute little parrots!

Jewelers’ Guild of Caerthe



The Jewelers’ Guild of Caerthe had another wonderful class this evening. Tonight’s class was all about copper enameling. Above is the first enamel piece I’ve ever done. Now I just need to seal the back and add a chain to it to show it off.


After making a piece for myself, I then made a Keystone medallion for the Barony. This one turned out pretty well. This is one of 6 medallions the Guild made this evening. Now to just clean them up and add medallion cords….