Thread-wrapped buttons!



Basket weave example


Needle looped example


“Over-under” example


Tabby woven example

I need to make these buttons!!! Must! Must! MUST!!!


My Persian mystery….



Above is a woodcut of 17th-century Safavid Persian clothing, based on the description provided by Sir John Chardin in his travelogue.

The gentleman on the right is wearing a very lovely short outer-vest. This vest is not found in any of the 16th-century Persian miniatures that I’ve seen. Yet Willem Floor has a description of this garment in his book on the Persian Textile Industry.

So my mystery is: at what point did this garment come into existence in the Safavid Persian empire? How did we get from ankle- or knee-length outer garments with hanging sleeves to a waist-length outer garment without sleeves in less than 100 years?


I need hats!



A friend posted this image to my Facebook post about “needing more SCA hats”. This particular image reminds me that I need more garb…period!!!

Quickly looking at this, I’m not sure if this is Safavid Persian or Mughal Indian (the trouble of looking at images on a smartphone). And I’m not sure of this is late 16th-century or if it’s 17th-century clothing I’m looking at. I always seem to have a hard time deciphering the time period of line drawings for some reason….