Oh the Persian life….!



(Image courtesy of the Harvard Art Museum webpage.)

This has always been one of my favorite Safavid Persian miniatures…just for the sheer amount of interesting things to observe. Each time I look at it, I always seem to find something new.

(OH! And it’s been pointed out that Waldo is in the lower right-hand corner, too! LOL)


My Persian mystery….



Above is a woodcut of 17th-century Safavid Persian clothing, based on the description provided by Sir John Chardin in his travelogue.

The gentleman on the right is wearing a very lovely short outer-vest. This vest is not found in any of the 16th-century Persian miniatures that I’ve seen. Yet Willem Floor has a description of this garment in his book on the Persian Textile Industry.

So my mystery is: at what point did this garment come into existence in the Safavid Persian empire? How did we get from ankle- or knee-length outer garments with hanging sleeves to a waist-length outer garment without sleeves in less than 100 years?


I need hats!



A friend posted this image to my Facebook post about “needing more SCA hats”. This particular image reminds me that I need more garb…period!!!

Quickly looking at this, I’m not sure if this is Safavid Persian or Mughal Indian (the trouble of looking at images on a smartphone). And I’m not sure of this is late 16th-century or if it’s 17th-century clothing I’m looking at. I always seem to have a hard time deciphering the time period of line drawings for some reason….