I’m sick of being sorry…




I’m sick of saying “I’m sorry!” so many times a day. Especially when I have no reason or need to be sorry. It’s just that humanity preys on the apologies and debasing of ourselves at the sake of others rudeness, arrogance, and selfishness.

How many times do you find yourself being sorry that someone else walked into you because they weren’t paying attention? Or that you’re sorry that someone interrupted you while you were already speaking? Or that you’re sorry that someone else’s expectations in life are not being met when they are not taking any proactive measures to change their situation?

Sometimes I feel like my sense of courtesy and respect is being abused. I find myself being sorry for everything that I have no control over, or that I have no right to be sorry for in the first place.

So…that’s it people. I am no longer sorry for you. You need to take responsibility for yourself. You need to learn courtesy and respect, too. But I am no longer sorry for paying attention, listening, speaking when it’s my turn, for having an opinion, or being responsible for my own life. Step up or get out of my way from now on!


The elevator to social awkwardness…


Have you ever noticed how elevators being out the worst traits in humans?

Let’s review:

1) It’s a “me first!” world out there. As soon as the elevator door opens, people come barging onto the elevator…forgetting to have any courtesy to let those already on the elevator off.

2) We are a highly anti-social race. Once we are on an elevator, we immediately hide behind whatever technology we have in our hands so as to not interact with any other human in that confined space.

3) Gender roles are heightened and exaggerated, and the expectations are unrealistic. Let me explain this: certain women expect to be let on the elevator first, but they also expect to be let off the elevator first. This causes a conundrum of ill-conceived logic on a full elevator. If you are the first on, you are now squeezed into the back corner of the elevator. If you demand that I, as a man, get on last (where I’m squeezed into that front and center position), do not glare at me like I am disrespecting you as a woman because I got off the elevator first. There is only south space to work with in an elevator, and in all honesty, if I’m standing in the way of others getting off of the elevator, I should get off first to make way for everyone else. Logic! Common sense!

4) We live in a horribly impatient world. No matter how many times you press that “close door” button, it will not speed up the process. And the exasperated sighs and groans when someone squeezes through the door? Or the grumbling of those who missed an elevator…when there is a bank of 6 elevators to choose from?

5) We have the attention span of a dying gnat…when we pay attention at all. Being on the 2nd floor without stair access has been enlightening to this. People try to charge off at the end of the day because they think they’ve made it to the ground floor, only to be disappointed that they haven’t reached their goal yet. And all because they were lost in their own thoughts, rather than paying attention to where they were going. Conversely, there’s are the ones so lost in their thoughts that they miss their floor….

That said, I personally would stick to the stairwells (if I could)…just to avoid the awkwardness of elevator “etiquette”. And besides, I really could use a little more exercise….